Long loading times on fresh helpdesk enviroment

Hi There,

Currently using the trial version of help-desk to see if its a good fit for our business, We like the functionality and customization it offers, how ever we use the office365 share-point environment and have noticed that the Help-desk Widget for End user ticket submission is very slow when loading.

Is this just a by product of the trial version? or does further customization need to take place to speed this up.


Hi @somv,
There is no limitation of the trial version in terms of productivity, so we need to isolate the issue here.
Can you, please provide some more info?

  1. Have you modified the Widget form or do you use the default one?
  2. Can you test it in a different browser? Is the time different or roughly the same in different browsers for you? Sometimes the widget can work slower because of some browser extensions
  3. Do you use the widget as a web part on a SharePoint site or on an external site?
  4. Can you estimate the loading time? Say, how many seconds approximately?
  5. Please specify your HelpDesk instance URL. You can send it over in a private message to me.
    Thank you!

HI @v.uspenskii

We currently use the default Widget form, No customization has been made
I have tested Chrome, Edge, Firefox and safari all experience similiar load times
Currently using the widget as a webpage on a sharepoint site
It takes approx 30-40 seconds for the widget to load once the page has loaded itself. It will sit on "loading" within the widget for that length of time

I will PM the Helpdesk URL for you now.


Hi @somv
Sure! Thank you for all the details!
However, I haven't got the private message yet.

HI @v.uspenskii
Yeah i dont seem to have the ability to no were on the website can i see Send Private Message or anything of the like

@v.uspenskii Sorry i dont see a way to send you a PM could you send one to me so i can reply