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I would like some clarification on two queries.

Query 1

When agents reply to tickets, this sends the reply back to the plumsail portal and does not reference the requester. How can I configure this for the requester to receive notifications about new comments and also to be added in the 'From' field when replying by email.

For context, I have enabled the following:

  1. I have an internal helpdesk email that I have configured as forwarding to plumsail.
  2. I have also added the internal helpdesk mailbox in the Plumsail portal - can you explain how to generate new tickets from Outlook, once this has been enabled and the purpose of adding a mailbox to Outlook, rather than using the forwading.
  3. Triggers to notify agents when new ticket has been created matching the title.

We would like the triggers to remain the same and the agents to be able to reply to requester from Outlook as well as plumsail.

Query 2

I have created a few custom views for solved tickets in a week and solved tickets in a month (30 days), for solved tickets to fall into, however when tickets are marked as 'solved' they remain in the ticket stack and do not migrate to the different views.

Can you explain how to solve this?

Lastly, Is it possible for a member/agent on the site to be auto-assigned to the CC field of tickets relating to a specific topic.

I have tried to set this trigger by 'setting the field ' as CC then adding user's name, yet user is not CC'd when the tickets are received.

Hello Montel!

Query 1

For notifying requester, use the default trigger 'Notification: Requester - Public comment created':

If the requester replies through e-mail, he is added to the 'From' field by default. Perhaps, I do not understand this issue - please clarify it.

  1. If you configured the forwarding, it allows to create tickets from the messages that you receive to your own e-mail address. All notifications will be sent from the HelpDesk address and for adding new replies to the tickets, the requester will have to send his replies to the HelpDesk address too. To avoid that, you need to configure custom SMTP.

  2. This is an alternative option, it should not be used along with the forwarding: either forwarding or connected Outlook mailbox. The latter is an alternative for both forwarding and custom SMTP: creating new tickets and adding new comments go through your mailbox. It is a more simple way to process messages and excludes our IMAP and SMTP servers from the process.

Agents can reply through e-mail interface if you enable the trigger notifying them about new replies - 'Notification: Assignee - Public comment created.'

To add a new comment they need to reply to the received notification above a reply line.

Query 2

Tickets are SharePoint list items. They do not migrate between views as between different lists. One item can be displayed in may views if it matches the view's conditions.To solve this issue it is necessary to have the configuration of the required views and properties of the problem item.

Query 3

Please try to add the user's e-mail and let me know whether it helped.

Hello Evgeniy,

Thank you for providing clarification.

I have enabled the default notification for the requester and this is now working.
When tickets are received, the agent receives the ticket from the Internal helpdesk email address, without the requester's email address. The agent then replies back to the Internal helpdesk email address (which has fowarding rule applied), to route back to Plumsail portal.

I also configured forwarding, SMTP and the helpdesk inbox when I initially set up the site. For our set up, we would like all emails coming from our Power apps ticketing system to pass through our helpdesk (Internal IT) inbox first. I have also set up triggers to auto-assign tickets to agents based on Ticket title.

Based on this, which email setting do you advise that we use - as agents would like the ability to reply from their own inbox, using the Plumsail inbox and are now using teams as a third option?

Query 2:

I've added user to CC field but this does not auto-populate in CC field when ticket arrives

Unfortunately, Teams are not an option. We advise to use a connected Outlook mailbox. If you have another mail service provider, then use forwarding messages and custom SMTP. In any case, the assignees can add new comments through their mailboxes replying to the HelpDesk notifications. It does not matter what exactly e-mail configuration you use.

As regards the trigger updating CC, please ensure that you have an accordant contact in the 'Contacts' list (you can assign only a contact that exists in that list).

Hello Evgeniy,

Apologies for the confusion... I was meant to say that the agents have the freedom to Reply from the Plumsail Portal, Outlook inbox and through the Microsoft Teams Channel as I've connected the site using Sharepoint on Teams.

In terms of the CC trigger, the agents already exist in the contacts as 'members' however I have to manually type in email addresses as shown in the screenshot above. Unfortunately no luck with this.

In this example, I have tried to add my email address in the blank space, as I am a 'member' of the site, yet no luck again, when the ticket comes through.

Indeed, it does not work for members and agents. As a workaround, please specify the ID of the contact you need:


I will ask developers whether it can be fixed.

Still, I was able to add a member to the CC if I used the name from the 'Contacts' list, not from the profile.

Thus, only e-mail from the user profile does not work.

Hello Evgeniy,

This is much better. By entering the contact name, I was able to see the contact auto-CC to the tickets, so thank you again for this fix!

I will set an action to email contact when they are auto-CC'd so that they receive an email notification.

Regarding the Email settings, I received an email alert regarding the connected mailbox, which I then reconnected. For context, this account has a Microsoft E1 account. Could this be the case?

Or should I just use the forwarding and SMTP server settings as back up.

Did reconnecting the mailbox help to get rid of the error? If not, please send me your SharePoint domain through private message and for now, use forwarding and custom SMTP instead of the connected Outlook mailbox (it should be disconnected).

As regards using members' e-mail to set them as CC through triggers, we saved it to our backlog as a possible feature but there is no due date for that or guarantee that we implement it at all. The CC is a lookup field and to set up a value in it, it is necessary to use a value from the source list column (members' e-mail is stored in their SharePoint user profiles).

Hi Evgeniy,

Unfortunately reconnecting the mailbox did not work, so will use the other methods that you mentioned.

Thanks for clarifying with the CC details. I am happy that this is working.

I will:

  1. Auto CC
  2. Generate email to CC using this default trigger: