Microsoft Removing Custom Script

Microsoft planned to remove completely Custom Script in November. We had an issue today as we could not push PlumSail Forms to a list because the scripting ability was turned off. Even if we can enable it with Powershell temporary, we fear we won't be able to use Plumsail when Microsoft completely shutdown this feature in a few months. I opened a ticket in february about this : Microsoft removing Sharepoint custom scripting and one of your employee told me this would be resolve in 2 months. My question is : Will we be able to push plumsail forms when Microsoft shut down custom scripting officialy?

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I have exactly the same question. Can you tell us the future of PLumsail forms if ther is no way to reactivate the scripting capability ?

Hi @educos35,

Enabling scripting capabilities after the update will be less convenient but still possible.
We are in the process of completely removing the dependency.

Please refer to this thread for more details.