Migrate from OnPrem to O365

We are running Helpdesk OnPrem on Sharepoint 2016.
We are looking at migrating all of our Sharepoint sites to Office 365 (Microsoft 365).
I understand we need to change licensing-model, no problem.
But is it possible to migrate our data from Plumsail Helpdesk OnPrem to Plumsail Helpdesk Online? We are currently running version: 1.3.9.

Hello Per!

Yes, it is possible but requires paid support (details in private message). To migrate data, you will have to perform the following steps:

  1. Migrate your User to Azure AD
  2. Upgrade your OnPrem HD instance to the latest version
  3. We'll provide you with PS script to export OnPrem data
  4. Use this script and send us an archive with migrated data
  5. Install Online HelpDesk and provide us with full access to the new instance
  6. We'll import data for you using our scripts and fix possible issues
  7. Then you test migrated instance

Thank you for response. Good to know it’s “doable”!