Migrating Forms from Classic site to Modern UI sites

Hi there,

We are a big user of the forms but they are currently on our classic SharePoint sites.

We are in the process of moving them to Modern UI and also in the process of migrating list content.

Can we just use the import and export functionality (Will this work)?

If you can please let us know the recommended approach and steps that would be great.

Dear @ninjacoder,
Are the forms also designed for classic UI in Forms Designer? If so, they can be imported to Plumsail Forms for Modern UI, but the functionality is different and adjustments will be required, especially when it comes to JavaScript code - the API is very different, it will need to be rewritten.

We'd also recommend redesigning the forms to make use of all the new features, for example, the grid - Grids in Plumsail Forms for SharePoint — SharePoint forms

Thanks for the reply Nikita.
The form currently are designed for classic UI using the old forms designer.
The main question i have for you is

  1. How do we migrate forms built in classic to Modern UI . You mentioned we can import them but the issue here is we don't have the modern UI installed yet.
  2. Can we install the new modern UI form and the classic UI side by side inside the same tenancy and use them both during our migration processes?

I would appreciate your response on this issue.


Dear @ninjacoder,
Yes, you can install both, simply follow the installation instruction here - Installation of Plumsail Forms for SP Online (Office 365) — SharePoint forms

You can export and import forms (they'll still require some adjustments(, but I would recommend designing them from scratch as you'll get better results if you design them using the strenghts of the new editor.