Multiple bars grouped by year


Is there a way to configure the bar chart showed in, where there are 3 bars per Year on the x axis?


First of all, you will of course need to select all appropriate fields in the data source. Then go to Dashboard -> Advanced and add the following code inside the preRender function:

[code] //this is example for one series
var series2 = $.extend({}, config.series[0]);
//replace “ValueFieldInternalName” with the internal name of the field that will be used as the value field
series2.field = “ValueFieldInternalName”;
config.series[1] = series2;

//this is an example for the next series
var series3 = $.extend({}, config.series[0]);
series3.field = “ValueFieldInternalName”;
config.series[2] = series3;[/code]


Is it possible to add the series by list name?

For example, I have 3 lists with different names, with same field names: Area, Count, Year.

Can I show the 3 columns as Listname1, Listname2, Listname3 with Year on X axis and Count on the Y Axis?


Sure, you can aggregate data from multiple lists programmatically. Here is a sample: