Multiple field height auto

Hello, I have a multiple field. How to make auto increase height when multiple text there is ? without scroll in window.

I try this code in this article, but have an error
It doesn't work for SharePoint 2019 onprem? only online?

i tried this css

.fd-form textarea.form-control {
    height: 500px;

It works, auto height doesn't work ....

Hello @ixxxl,

The code from the post that you've shared works only for the plain text field.

For the rich text you can try out the code from this post:

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I tiried with plain text first code and get error with $refs undefined
An your code with rich text, -another errror

I reopened form, published it again and now it works perfect!! Thank you!


But on plaint text doesn't work ... with this code

fd.spRendered(function() {
var textArea = fd.field('{FieldInternalName}').$refs.textarea;
function recalcHeight() { = (textArea.scrollHeight > textArea.clientHeight) ? (textArea.scrollHeight) + "px" : "120px";

PS. I found a mistake in my code in field name {} - i delete just this and all works, thanks!