My Organization Functionality - View Tickets assigned to my organzation

We plan to use this for various departments - each department will manage their own requests. I have found where you can assign a contact to an organization, but I don’t see any functionality in the tool that surrounds the organization the agents belong to. I would like to see:

  1. A Tile that shows the number of tickets for the organization I am assigned to - with the ability to click on it & see all open tickets for my organization. (Similar to the functionality when I click on the My Tickets tile). Tickets assigned to me as well as those assigned to others in my organization would show up in this view.
  2. A drop down on the reports section, that would allow me to select the organization the reports would be filtered on (default could be ‘All’)

Is this possible?



Hi @bhes,

Right now it is not possible to display view like this. I would recommend you to add a new column to the tickets list called Organization and then create a SharePoint Designer workflow (or Microsoft Flow for Office 365 version) that will start on ticket creation and set this field.

This will allow you create a new view and filter it by organization.

This will also allow you to use another our product called Dashboard Designer to create new charts filtered by this Organization column.

Note: Dashboard Designer is a separate product with a separate pricing.

If we receive more requests about similar functionality, we will include this feature to our roadmap.

Alternatively, you can send a request to [email protected] and our paid support team will provide you estimation for this functionality.