New document folder creation fails. (In prod)


We use plumsail in our flows to create a new document folder in our sharepoint.

This works like the docs:

We have this running on our test environment:
and we are happy with it.
Now we run the same on our prod environment : and the folder creation fails.

The error we see in the flow is:

“request”: {
“url”: null,
“traceId”: “0ABCDEFGHIJKL2N2D45678c13”
“error”: {
“code”: “ApplicationResultException”,
“message”: “File Not Found.”,
“date”: “2019-06-19T11:14:57.106858Z”

Permission wise both sites should be similar.
Any idea how we can troubleshoot this?



Hello, @be.bip

I suppose there is a mistake in the ‘Folder URL’ field. Open the library where you want to create a folder and copy its URL from an address line excluding the last two elements (Forms/AllItems.aspx). For example, my library has the following address: Documents/Forms/AllItems.aspx

And I should copy only the URL part with site and library name: Documents/

Then paste it in the ‘Folder URL’ field of the action in the flow and follow it up with folders you want to create: Documents/Folder1/Folder2


Hi e.evseychik,

For now, in one of the tests, the only difference between working and not working, is the name of the team-site.

And the message "File Not Found.” is not helping me figure out what could be wrong.
I requested our support teams for assistance, but they state both team-sites were created in the same way. Except that the ‘prod’ site can handle much more traffic than the ‘test’.

I’m looking for a needle in a haystack I guess.

I hope maybe the traceId could be used to find where things go wrong.



Michel, please provide me with screenshots of library settings (the one where you are trying to create a folder) and of the flow with opened out actions so I can see their properties. If you use any expressions, specify them too. Here is how you can open library settings: