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Hi Plumsails,

Today I noticed a new functionality in SharePoint online list items. They have introduced comments section in the list items which is pretty cool. I was looking for this functionality in the past and tried to build custom but now I believe this features comes by default. I checked my Plumsail forms and I couldnt see this feature there. Can we have this in Plumsail forms as well?

This is one of the important requirement I have in my organization.

Dear Ramiz,
This new feature is currently not supported, unfortunately. Sooner or later we're likely going to get to it.

If you are interested in seeing it available as soon as possible, please, contact us at - we can evaluate how much time it will take to implement and offer a paid support for a moderate fee, since we're also interested in implementing into Forms solution.

Hi Nikita. Is there any update to this request? New comment field, any estimation when it will be available.

Dear @munur ,
The feature is planned, but not released yet - it will be available some time in the future.

For now, you can try using Append-only Rich Text field and add discussion to form as described in this article - Add discussion to a SharePoint form

Alternatively, contact us at to discuss paid support - we can definitely speed up the process, making comments feature will be the next one that we'll focus on.

Hi Nikita,
I am also meeting customer request that want to use this new functionnality as it is available by default on any new sharepoint site...but now that I have implemented PLumsail form on the site, this functionnality is no more available using the shortcut on the list (the user still have the opportunity to access it using the standard "Detail" view and get down all the attributes list...but it is not an operational way...and can frustrate the user because the first instinct will be to click on the available shortcut...that opens the Plumsail form...but without the comment panel.


Dear @educos35,
We're working on Comments support right now, they should released some time in the near future.

For now, you can add a text field with Append changes turned on, it can work as Comments if necessary, here's an example - Add discussion to a SharePoint form — SharePoint forms

Hi there @Nikita_Kurguzov

Is there any update on this feature set coming to Plumsail SP Forms? My team really benefit from using the imbeded comments functionality in SP lists.

Thank you

Dear @mhannaway,
The task has been postponed due to more urgent matters, I am afraid. We can still offer paid support, if you want to speed up the process, we'll assign one of our developers right away. Contact us at if you're interested.


We have released a new version of Plumsail Forms that includes support for Comments for SharePoint forms.

Please clear the browser cache and test.

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Hi @mnikitina,

Please how can I add the comments to the form?



Hello @javier.munoz.garcia,

You will find the comments button in the form toolbar:

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Hello @mnikitina ,

we tested the comment and mention functionality and some of us can add a mention and some don't (no users are suggested).
Does mentioning functionality depend on any permission?

Kind Regards

Dear @ClausGolling,
I think that the comments feature relies on default SharePoint functionality. Is this any different in lists with default forms? If so, can you attach a couple of screenshots for us to show the difference?

Hello @Nikita_Kurguzov ,

thank you for getting back to me.
There is a difference to lists with default SharePoint forms.

We have 2 lists in the same site with the same permissions, 1 with Plumsail forms and 1 with default SP forms.

If an user with edit permission on the list is adding a '@Gol' in the comment he will get

this in default SP form

and this in Plumsail form

I as a site owner with full access get a list of users within Plumsail form (but only the names without any picture) so i thought this depends on any permission.

Kind Regards

Dear @ClausGolling,
That's interesting - thank you for the report! We'll have to analyze this closer. If you can, please, record both sessions in browser's Network tab and send the HAR file for us to analyze.

In order to do this, please:

  1. Open Network tab in browser's dev tools, this will start the recording
  2. Start typing and get the list to appear as in above screenshots
  3. When the list appears, Export the log as HAR file

Please, do this twice - for the default Comments and for our implementation, we'll analyze the difference and see how it can be adjusted to work just the same.

You can share it here, or if you'd rather not - send it to us at

Thank you!

Dear @Nikita_Kurguzov,

thank you for your reply.

I did a deeper research on my own and i noticed that the corresponding post call to gives me a different response for 2 different users with exactly the same permissions in this site collection.

We have this behaviour only on 1 tenant, 2 other tenants are working without any problem.

So my opinion is the problem has nothing to do with Plumsail forms or permissions, but is caused by our backend infrastructure.
So i don't want to waste your time doing a deeper analysis.

The reason why the mention functionality is working on a standard SP list form is that the post query is a little bit different. I will do a research and will get back to you as soon as i have the exact part of the query that is not working.

I think that's the better way to go forward.

Kind Regards

Dear @Nikita_Kurguzov ,

attached please find the payload of the post query for mention suggestions for a standard SP list form.

The reason why the standard SP list form works with my user is the element 'Provenances' in the entity request, which is not present in the query of Plumsail forms.

I do not have any documentation of this web service, but maybe your developer can do something with the information.

Kind Regards

Dear @ClausGolling,
Thank you for investigation, but it still is quite vague. If you could record 2 different HAR files following the steps I've described above - that would be most helpful to our dev team!

Dear @Nikita_Kurguzov

i sent the files to you by email.

Kind Regards

Hi @mnikitina!

The comments button does not appear on my plumsail forms (I've hidden the 'export to pdf' button with a splice as suggested in your documentation)

Has this been an issue for other users, and is there any prerequisites for getting this comment functionality up and running?

The SharePoint list in question has the comments feature enabled in 'Advanced settings'.

Best regards,