No ticket info displayed when it opens within Sharepoint pop-up window


Recently, the content is only viewable when one copies the link and is opened in a new tab (where it takes up the whole tab, rather than the small pop up window)

Any help would be greatly appreciated it! Can't seem to find the root cause for a resolution! Thank you!


First, please ensure that you use the latest versions of HelpDesk and Forms packages, and respectively. If not, please upload the packages to your SharePoint app catalogue (I will send the files in private message). Also, ensure that you use the latest version of HelpDesk (2.1.25). You can check it and update if required on the 'About' page in settings.

Then, you may need to restore the default version of the forms. Open an 'HD' library: append 'HD' to the URL of the HelpDesk site, for example ''. Then navigate to FormBackups > Tickets > Modern and download the default forms. Open the ticket forms for customisation in a Plumsail Forms designer following this instruction. Import the default form and save it for each type separately (new, edit, display).

If none helped, please load the page in incognito mode, open developer tools (F12), switch to the ‘Network’ tab and reproduce the issue. Then export a HAR file:

Switch to the ‘Console’ tab, open the context menu of any record and save the logs:

Share the collected data.