Notification when attachment is added

Is there a way to trigger an email to the requester when someone attaches a file to the ticket?

Hi @MLopata,
By default, the attachments can be added to a ticket with a new comment only.
So, I believe, the most straightforward way for this is to create a condition to check if the Comment.AttachmentUrls is not empty, please see below:

Please let me know if this is what you require.

Thanks for the info. I have a trigger like that and it still only sends an email to the requester if there is a comment added as well. If the agent only attaches a file no email is sent to the requester.

Hi @MLopata
Can you, please elaborate on how your agents attach a file? By default in HelpDesk this is only done with a new comment.

They just edit the ticket and then hit attach files, pick the file(s) and then save the ticket. Would it make sense to change the execute when to the ticket is changed and then add the attachmenturl does not equal blank condition?

Hello Michael!

The HelpDesk triggers can access attachments only in the context of adding a new comment. I can see two approaches here.

Adding a comment

You can actually add a comment and send the e-mail notification using the default trigger. To save time, just create a canned response for such a case and use it when adding the attachment. Additionally, you can create your own trigger to customize the notification message, e.g. to exclude the comments thread, change a message body or subject.

Using Power Automate

If you use HelpDesk for SharePoint Online, you can add some automatization with a flow in Power Automate. Start it on item modification in the Tickets list, check whether it has attachments, get them and then their contents:

Forth, you can use the files' contents in an action for sending e-mail messages.

Please let me know whether you need help in configuring the entire flow or have any other questions – I will be glad to assist further.