Notify by Organization

is it possibile to send notification emails from Triggers not only to the Requester, but also to all members of his specific Organization?


Hi @SimFontana,

Updated information for you.

You can’t send notifications to all members of specific organization via triggers.

But there are a few possible options for you. Help Desk is just a regular SharePoint site. So, you can use additional tools to query Contacts list and send email notifications.

The first option

You can use Start workflow trigger action to start a SharePoint workflow.

Then in this workflow you can use Get Items by Query workflow action from another our product Workflow Actions Pack to query help desk Contacts list and get all members of specific organization.

Note: Workflow Actions Pack requires separate license.

Send send email messages by this workflow to each member.

The second option

You can use Microsoft Flow and trigger it when new comment is added to help desk Comments list.

Then query help desk Contacts list with the help of standard Get Items action. Query only members of particular organization.

Then send email messages to to them by Microsoft Flow.

Paid support

Our paid support team can implement support of sending messages to all organization members. Please drop us a message to [email protected] to get estimation.

Can i get a quote on what need implemented, and the time it will take to implement? I also would like to know if it could be implemented before hand? Thanks.

I need about 5 to 10 different reports implemented, and when a someone emails our support desk and the ticket is generated for that ticket to go to the correct organization listed by what email address domain it came from. Thanks.