Orgchart not loading

OrgChart not loading in chrome or firefox. Works fine in IE. All I get is the loading animation.
see attached screenshot.

Hello @Garrett,

It might be that some custom/third-party scripts are affecting the Org Chart scripts (the scripts are just standard MS scripts). Please, create a new empty page, place there an Org Chart and check if the issue persists. Please check out this forum thread. There was discussed a similar issue.

If the issue persists on the new page please do the following:

  1. Please set the root ID and check if anything changes.
  2. Please, try to uncheck Enable caching in General Settings and check if anything changes.
  3. Please, try to update to the latest version of Org Chart.

Best Regards,
Anna Dorokhova
Plumsail Team

So it works fine in Internet explorer.
The same page does not work on FireFox or Chrome.
Root ID is set.
On the browsers where it does not load i cannot set the caching.
We are on the latest version.

General Settings, Caching is enabled

I unchecked the general caching settings and now it works in both browsers . Still loads pretty quick without the caching.
Will test with other users.