Parent Child ticketing

Is it possible to have parent child ticket relationships?

Hello @turtlgal,

Could you please tell us more about your case and what do you want to achieve?

Well, Iā€™d like to have a trigger that says if x conditions are met create another ticket, but have some sort of parent child relationship.
Typically these look like:
Parent ticket cannot be closed until all child tickets are closed, child ticket references parent ticket and parent ticket references any child tickets.

Hello @turtlgal,

What you could do is create a parent-child relationship and create a flow in Microsoft Flow which creates tickets based on some conditions.

This is how it might look:
Display form

Edit form

On this form, I've also added a related-items feature from Forms Designer to show tickets which are children to this one.

Firstly, we will need to add a custom lookup column to Tickets list, so we could specify ticket's parent.
To do this please click Ticket on the menu to the right and then click List settings:

Then click Create column under the columns list.
Your new custom columns should look exactly like this:

It should be a lookup and it should be getting information from ID columns from Tickets list.
Please don't forget to check 'Add to default view' option.

Now you can specify parents in the tickets, but I assume you would want to add this field to the ticket's forms.
To do that you will need to use Forms Designer. This article will help you understand how to add a custom column to a form.

To find out how to add related-items please visit this documentation page (Edit and Display forms section).

After that, you can create a flow in Microsoft Flow which create a ticket with this custom column.
Please be careful with the conditions as it might get cycled and the flow will be creating a lot of tickets, in this case, your HelpDesk will start working very slowly.

To prevent this I've added another condition, it checks if the ParentTicket column is null.

Please review this page to know how to add HelpDesk connector to Microsoft Flow.

This is how your flow might look:

The flow is being triggered when a new ticket is created. Then you can specify the condition and then add Create a ticket action with the parameters that you need.
Please pay close attention to Ticket Custom Fields option, it should look like this:
"ParentTicketId": "2"

ParentTicket is your custom column name and Id is what we need to add if we are using a lookup column.

Excellent @Oleg_Tsurkan I will try this out, thank you.

The parentticketID is the listitemID or the ticketID?

It is the list item ID.

Thanks :slight_smile: Just discovered :slight_smile:

Can you help in an automation I design?
A support ticket is created from a customer through email.
Through Power automate I create a child ticket to supplier.
When the supplier is answering with the email to this child ticket I want this comment to be copied as a comment to the parent ticket.
Do you have any idea for this?

If you want to copy each comment of the supplier, why wouldn't you just add him as CC to the current ticket? When his assistance is not required anymore, just delete him from the field to avoid disturbance by notifications.

Well its a thought. I will try this to see how this helps
Anyway thanks

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