PDF export cannot print Chinese words

It is the field value in the submitted form.
And I use the pdf export button to get the pdf file.

However, it cannot show the Chinese words and showed the garbled character.

How can I fix it?

Hello @itapps,

Please try out the approach described in How to save SharePoint form as PDF: Non-Latin and special characters article.

Hi @mnikitina
Do you have any idea if I want to add the font family of "DengXian"?

What should I input on the src?


You can download the font and upload to you SharePoint online. Thus the link will be the path to the form file within your tenant.

Dear @mnikitina
What file should I download?
Can this otf file work?

Hello @itapps,

Yes, you can use this format. But I would suggest using TTF font type, as it is supported by more browsers.

I tried this.
The normal field is fine to print
However, the chinese words in the datatable is not able to print.

Please help on this.

Hello @itapps,

Add .k-grid-content class to the CSS like so:

.k-pdf-export, .k-pdf-export .k-grid-content {
    font-family: "DengXian" !important;

it works thank you so much @mnikitina

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