Plumsail helpdesk is not sending mail

Hi there,

We are test-driving your system but it is not sending out mail. Not via your smtp nor via our own smtp service. What is wrong?!

Hello @BCsss,

Thank you for your question.

Could you please navigate to the Settings -> Email Settings tab, update the password, click Test. Please, check the result. If the settings are correct but you do not receive a test email to your SMTP email address, please, just in case remove the custom SMTP settings and move to the next step.

Please, check triggers settings and their logs. Please, note that if the Assignee of the ticket and the Requester is the same person, they would not receive notification because of the default triggers settings.

If you don’t find anything suspicious please send a test email to your [email protected] mailbox, assign an agent to the created ticket and reply to the ticket from HelpDesk User Interface as the agent. After that please send us the logs of the New Ticket Created and New Comment Created triggers. You may post it here or send to [email protected]

Also, please let me know if you changed the default triggers settings.

Anna Dorokhova