PNP Site Templates Parameters

I'm using the the Action called Provision PnP Template to SharePoint. Its an XML file and I have a questions I need help with.

Can I pass Blank Parameters? If I setup a 4 "User" Parameters in the XML files, but 2 are blank will it cause any issues? I have 4 users I want to set permission for, but 2 are not required, So if they are not passed I would want nothing to happen in related to those 2 parameters.

I'm using a variable in my flow to build out the parameter's string to not include any blanks.

Can the default parameter text be blank as well?

Let me know what you think.

Hello Tricia! Unfortunately, I can't predict what will happen in case of leaving some parameters empty. I would advise you just to create a template with them and test it. Our action works in the same way as analogous PnP cmdlets for PowerShell. Still, I would keep to more precise string processing in your Power Automate flow and add as many parameters as needed in the exact case: if something works now, it doesn't mean that it will work ever, back-end components are updated from time to time and another update may be not so tolerant to the empty parameters than previous ones (if they are).