Provision PnP site template removes the quick-launch

After applying a pnp template to the site, the quick-launch gets removed. How can i avoid this, is this a setting i have to set somewhere?

Hello Ron! If the quick launch menu is removed, it should be so in the template configuration. Please try to apply the template using cmdlet Invoke-PnPSiteTemplate, check this Microsoft instructions on how to do that. If the result is not the same, there is an issue with Plumsail Actions. If it is the same, the issue is either in the template file or in the PnP provisioning engine.

If I do it with invoke-pnpsitetemplate, the quick-launch is not removed.
If I do it with the action in power automate, the quick-launch is removed.
In the template file, the quick-launch is set to enabled

Thank you for the information, Ron! Let us continue the discussion in the ticket you raised. Once the issue is resolved, we can post the result here.