Provision PnP Template to SharePoint don't join hub site


I created a flow from the guide. It is started by the end users via a Forms. The action "Provision PnP Template to SharePoint does not activate the link with the Hub site when it is correctly indicated in the PnP template.

Thank you for your help.

Hi @FredDlg,

Could you confirm that the link is activated when you deploy the PnP template using powerShell commands?

Connect-PnPOnline -Url ""
Invoke-PnPSiteTemplate -Path "PnP-Provisioning-File.xml"

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Plumsail team

Sorry for the delay,

yes the link is activated when I use powershell.

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Fred, could you share the XML file of your template? You can send it me through personal message in the community or raise a support ticket with a message to [email protected]. In the last case, please refer to this topic.


I just find my problem. It's solved when replace HubSiteUrl=""
by HubSiteUrl="{hosturl}/sites/Tous_les_clients"

But now, I get random errors like:
SharePoint Rest service exception
or L’ID d’objet « site:b907ebc3-eca3-44a3-8923-25eb902f649a:web:8c18ea84-a61e-494a-87ea-be2f71fcf9e2 » n’est pas valide.

and I have the same thing using PowerShell

PnP Templates do not seem stable and I am totally out of sync :frowning:

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If the errors are reproduced in PowerShell, then, most likely, the issue is either in the template or in the PnP engine itself. I would advise you to discuss it in the PnP community as its members participate in developing the module.

But what regards the initial version of your template, you said that the link was successfully activated through PowerShell. In this case, the issue may be on our side. I requested the template file to ensure that its schema has version 202002 or earlier - it is required. If so, the developers might need to research it to find out why the link is not activated.