Provision PnP Template to SharePoint error Cannot authorize tenant (tenantUrl) for access to (createdSiteUrl)

When using "Provision of PnP template in SharePoint" Action in Power Automate (ex Flow) I face this error "Cannot authorize tenant: for access to: customSiteUrl.
Can you please tell me if i missed something ? Becaus in general acces is concernng users and groups not TENANT? Any body has an idea how to solve it ? Thnk you!

Hello @Klouva76,

Could you try to deploy the same template using PowerShell and check if there are any warnings?

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Plumsail team

The same template is working with PowerShell but not the action component.
Especially, the issue is 403 (access forbiden) even if the site collection is on the same Tenant.

Thank you!

Hello! The error means that you created an admin permissions API key for one domain and tried to use it for another one:


Please create a new API key and ensure that you used the proper domain. Then, create a new connection for the action and paste the key there. Ensure that the proper connection is selected before running the flow. If the issue persists, please share the full text of the error via private message here, in the community, or raise a ticket by sending a message to [email protected] (refer to this topic).

The domain is the same and no change in the template.xml from PowerShell to the action i used here with this component.

I will rise a ticket and share the error message and solution later here in the topic.

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