Re-open ticket not changing status


Hi Guys,

I have raised ticket morning as a TEST.
Ticket was solved and have replied back to re-open the ticket but it doesn’t look like the status is changing. So on the portal we are not seeing the replies?

How can this be sorted?




Hello @Ndy,

By default, there is no trigger that would change the status of ticket from Solved to In Progress. You would need to add a custom trigger to achieve this functionality.

The trigger should look something like this:

Anna Dorokhova
Plumsail Team


Hi Anna,

what we wanted is when a ticket is closed as 'solved and a customer replies on that ticket, we want it to come back as 'Re-open. we have applied the solution you provided and is not working. what it does is when you close the ticket as ‘solved’, it will automatically leave it as 'Re-open. Please can you help to sort this for us.

Many Thanks



Hello @Ndy,

I have tested the trigger another time. It worked fine for me. Please, compare your trigger settings to the trigger settings in screenshot above to make sure they are the same.

If you don’t detect the problem please send me a screenshot of your trigger. Also, please, create a test ticket, close it and add a new comment to this ticket. Then please send me the last logs of the trigger.

Also, please, send me a screenshot of the list of triggers you have. My list looks like this:

Best regards,
Anna Dorokhova
Plumsail Team