Reduced Licence after restructure of business and too many agents

Hi we restructured our business (sold off 60% of it ) and reduced our O365 tenant by 250 users who are now deleted and removed from O365.

With this we went from multiple helpdesk instances to 1 but we are getting "too many agents" message from Plumsail.

When I go into contacts I cannot find the listed agents so I cannot change them to members or remove them all together.

Is there a way to discover agents for plumsail within the tenant and remove them without having to go into all the legacy ticketing instances?



Hi @Duncan,

You could try using Power Automate to do this, but honestly, it might just be quicker to disable all those agents manually. If there are a ton of agents and HelpDesk sites, it would make sense, but otherwise it won't worth the effort.

The easier option is just to go into the HelpDesk instance, head to the 'Contacts' list, and sort the data by 'Agent' role. From there, go to the grid view and switch the role from Agent to Member for all agents.


I would like just to add that it is possible to copy the field value dragging it down to other items (like in Excel):

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