Remove User for Sharepoint Group

I'm having a rather weird problem. I'm using the "Remove User from Sharepoint Group" action. Each time I have tested it, I get a notice indicating that the flow has failed. However, the flow actually appears to have worked - i.e. the user is, in fact, removed from the Sharepoint Group. While I realize this is a bit of a strange thing to be worried about, I would like to know if there is something actually wrong with my flow that I'm not seeing and, if there is not, would like the action to indicate it ran successfully. I don't want to have a run history of "failed" runs one after another as this will make it confusing to see if a new problem crops up in the future that causes a failure for a wholly separate reason. Make sense? Here's a picture of what my flow looks like:

Hello Erik. Unfortunately, I couldn't reproduce the issue. Please provide me with the following information.

  1. What type of API key did you use? If it was custom credentials one, what permissions/role does the account have?
  2. Take a screenshot of Plumsail action's configuration.
  3. Open the failed action and share its output (copy text instead of taking a screenshot).
    All the information, you can send via private message in the community or by raising a support ticket -- just send a message to [email protected] and refer to this topic.