Replies from different senders are creating duplicate tickets

I am testing Plumsail helpdesk for my company and experiencing some issues already making it work

Usually tickets sent to hour helpdesk are addressed to more than one person
usually in the cc: there are other users that may reply to emal

Each time people en cc replies a new ticket is created

I have tried to merge the tickets but the problem is not solved
New tickets are still being created. this is flooding the ticketing queue

Can you help me configuring a trigger with conditions to overcome this issue?

When sender is different but email title is the same

Email title may have RE: or Re: but rest of wording the same

Hello @ValB, thank you for your message.

Could you please send a screenshot of your ‘Notification: Requester - New ticket’ trigger? Send email section should be expanded.


Thank you for getting back to me. As requested, please find below screen shot and text on the Notification to requester trigger.


#-- Please type your reply above this line --#

Your request {{snippet:TicketIdWidgetLink}} has been received. Thank you for contacting Office 365 Global Support, we strive to answer all support requests as soon as possible. To add additional comments, reply to this message.


I have the default Plumsail trigger settings (only altered a bit the text on the body of message.

Please let me know if you need more information. the issue of new tickets being created in our queue when cc: respond to all is flooding our mail queue and is making it very difficult to manage the tickets that relate to the same issue.

Thank you in advance for your time.

Hello @ValB,

Could you please tell me if you are using On-Premises version or Office 365 (Online) and if you are using Online version can you tell me the domain name where HelpDesk is hosted?
If you don’t want to share information publicly you can send a PM to me.

Hello Oleg, thanks for getting back again. See below an screen describing the problem

Basically our problem is that NOT all people involved in the email thread (from, cc, to) may be responding to the Plumsail generated notification (new ticket creation), but to the original email they received as cc:
When they reply to the email (Re: Ignore: test 19 Mars) not the Plumsail genrated ticket creation notification (Re: Ignore: test 19 Mars [#43]) it generates a new ticket in Plumsail (see screenshot)

What we would need solving is the following:

  • How can replies to original email can be included into the existing ticket?
  • Is there a way we can make a rule that:
    provided that the email has same email addresses (from, to and cc: and title (excluding appendix for ticket number (in this case #43) can these massages be linked to ticket number #43 instead of creating a new one?

I don't know how we would educate users to just respond to the Plummail generated notification in order to avoid this problem.
Unfortunately the requests we receive rarely come from one just sender.

Any suggestions?

Thanks a lot,

Hello @ValB,

Normally replies to initial message from Cc shouldn’t generate a new ticket. Most likely you have some rule in your Exchange that overwrites email References header.
Our engineers will fix email processing on our side in a week to handle such cases.

Hi Oleg,
thanks for getting back this is much appreciated. Does it mean we do not need to do anything from our side? You will take care of this?

I have realised we have just 12 days remaining from trial period. could this be extended for a few more days? I need to provide feedback to my manager and time seems tight to conduct more tests once this issue gets resolved.

Please let me know.

Thank you in advance for your time.
Val B

Hello @ValB,

Yeah, when the fix is ready everything should start working as usual.
I’ve extended your trial license to April 21, I hope it will be enough, but if not please let me know.

The issue should be resolved now.
It was probably due to Exchange email processing, it overrides system ticket’s information according to its rules.
We have implemented a slightly different approach to the tickets search process.

We are having this issue with our HelpDesk as well. Do we need to change something in our Exchange email processing? If so, what is that setting?

Hello, @lauren.long

Could you describe your issue with more details? It would be great if I could reproduce your case, because for now all work fine for me even if CC reply to the original message they received and not to a notification about ticket creation.

Also please try to reproduce the issue on your side sending messages to the HelpDesk auto-generated E-mail directly without forwarding. Does the issue persist?

Here's an example of what it was doing yesterday. I couldn't get it to replicate today.

@lauren.long, we checked the logs and in your case new tickets were created because customer's replies didn't contain [#TicketID] in subjects which is required. Ask the customers to reply to notifications from HelpDesk instead of continuing the initial correspondence.