Reports Customisation


Can it be possible to customise reports in one of our ticketing systems in other to generate

• Number of tickets solved by Brand per month
The reports need to have the ability to be exported to excel.

Kind regards


Hello, @Ndy

You can customise reports by any property that a ticket list has (see list columns). So if you add a 'Brand' column to the tickets list and it has some values, you can create a custom report to count solved tickets by the 'Brand' column.

Unfortunately, you can not export HelpDesk Reports to Excel. But you can export them to PDF. If you installed Dashboard Designer and begin configuring a report, go to Dashboard=>Styles and check "Display 'Export to PDF' button". Save changes and exit from Dashboard Designer. You will see a little red button for the export.

Also, you can export tickets list to Excel and create all chart by native tools in it. You do not have to export all tickets, just create a view that meets your needs and export the one to work with it.