Resetting the AssignedTo column with Power Automate Flow Update Ticket

Hello everyone! :raising_hand_woman:

Right now I'm in the process of building a Flow and I'm having some problems and maybe someone is willing to help!

In my flow if certain conditions are met I reset some custom fields using Custom JSON without a problem.

But as soon as I want to touch the AssignedTo column in the "Update a ticket" Flow step I run into trouble.

My goal is to merely reset the AssignedTo column.

I have tried setting the AssignedTo field inside the Compose action to '' and null but to no avail (seems to do nothing) image

Setting the field here to null or '' leads to errors as it requires an email address image

I've taken a closer look at the AssignedTo column by setting it to a variable and it seems there's a bit more behind it...


I'm out of ideas, help would be very much appreciated!

Thanks for reading

Hi @Cherry,
Yes, you're correct, now there is no easy option to set the AssignedTo variable in a ticket to empty from the Flow. It's due to the fact that the Assigned To is a Person or Group column and there is no easy way to set it to an empty value from Power Automate as of today.
Please check this post on the MS forum for a current solution using the default SharePoint "Update item" action. However, it seems that it works for multiple value Person or Group field only.
I will discuss it with our team and we'll see what we can do about this specific case. Thank you for the info!

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Yes, seems like it sadly works for multiple value Person or Group field only.
Thank you very much for looking into it!

Is there perhaps another way to reset the AssignedTo column without the use of Power Automate Flow (that is not manual)? I'm open for suggestions! :cowboy_hat_face:

edit: Alright, after some simple tests it seems like you can just leave AssignedTo empty when working with Triggers and that does the trick. Thanks!

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