Scheduler Task Reminder


I am trying to create a new task using Scheduler to send an e-mail to notification reminding agents to update tickets that have not being modified in the past 10 days.

Based on the HelpDesk documentation, I have tried to use the following conditions:

if(Date(Today()) - Date([Ticket.Modified]) = 10, 'trueValue', 'falseValue') equals 'trueValue' = send email


AddDays(Date([Ticket.Modified]), 10) greater than Ticket.Modified = send email

But both did not work as expected. Can you please point me to right direction? We just need to a condition that checks the last time a ticket was modified and sends an email if that's more than 10days.

Thank you,

Hello Joao!

Please try this condition:

AddDays([Ticket.Modified], 10) less than Today()


Scheduler allows you to set up different actions on unsolved tickets which have been changed during last 30 days.