Send just the current reply

Hi All,

Is it possible to just send the current message when replying to a ticket instead of all the public comments?

Maybe have some kind of field we can toggle on and off when we want to just send that message.

We have a yes / no field we turn on when we manually create tickets we don't want the customer to get the ticket notification


We have a specific category we've setup for tracking small jobs for customers. Most of the time it's for internal comments and notes but on occasion it would be really good if we could message the customer and the reply is added to the ticket as usual. But we don't want them to have all the history

As a workaround I've excluded the category from notifications so nothing is sent out. We have the requester as the customer for tracking / reporting reasons.

Hope that makes sense, let me know if you need anymore details

Thanks as always

Hello Rich,

you can replace a snippet {{snippet:PublicComments}} with a token {{Comment.Body}} in the notification template.

If required, change the template text and apply additional HTML tags and styles for better view of the message.