Set tag depending on support email used

HI, how to i set a ticket tag dependent on the helpdesk email used to forward to HD.


user sends email to [email protected] and i want it to be tagged with User Support?

Hello! Please use the value of a HelpDesk mailbox column in the trigger:

I’ve tried this but it don’t seem to work.

Please ensure that the tag User Support exists in the list Tags (check site contents to find it). If it does, please download trigger's logs and share them with me via private message.


10/03/2021, 10:40:18 started on ticket #1239

Resolved condition values: {
"Ticket.HelpDeskMailbox": ""

Condition result: true

Actions runs:
Action #1 "Set field" succeeded
Outcome: Set field value to 'Microsoft.SharePoint.Client.FieldLookupValue[]'

OK so im a little further, I went into edit ticket and then added a tag but then I click the tag it takes me to canned responses,



Please share the configuration of the Tags column (Tickets list settings > Columns > Tags) and the content of the Tags list (Site contents > Tags).

I have now fixed this thanks,

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