SharePoint List Limit

I saw something about SharePoint lists having a limit of 5,000 entries. I think it is more of a functional limit than a hardcoded limit and they were just cautioning that lists with more than 5,000 items do not always behave reliably.

My apologies if I misunderstood what I read. But if that is a roughly accurate understanding, does this affect the Plumsail Help Desk at all? We have around 4,400 total tickets in our Help Desk - around 4,325 that have been solved and 75 that are open.

If it is advised to keep the total number of tickets below 5,000 for stability purposes, is there an automated option to purge solved tickets as they reach a certain age?


Hello Andrew! The 5,000-item threshold is a limit for list views or requests to SharePoint. You can have any number of items in the list and it is restricted only by the SharePoint storage. Earlier HelpDesk had issues with rendering more than 5,000 items per view and we advised to add a condition to the filtration in the view to reduce the number of displayed items, for example to show only items created for the last year. Now, there should be no such issue. But if you encounter it, you can always modify the view and thus solve the threshold problem.