Sharepoint List Permission

I have a list with the following permissions set.
How I can give the permission to edit this document even to another user/group, keeping the settings above?
I tried with the action "Change SharePoint permissions" but without success.

Thanks in advance.

Hello! The list settings prevent sharing the items with other users or groups. You need to change it to "Read all items" and "Create and edit all items" accordingly so that the Plumsail action could share the required items. To restrict access to certain items, you can set unique permissions for them, for example delete all permissions and then grant them only to specified users or groups.

Hello @Evgeniy
thank you for your reply.
I can't use unique permissions because in this list more than one guest must insert new records and nobody must see documents of others guest.
I can't wait/depend that workflow run and set unique permissions, because until that this new record will be show to everyone.
I hope I explained my case and scenario.
Please let me know if you have any tip.
Thank you.

Please try to use our action with the API key granting admin permissions. I have just tested it with your list settings and it worked.

my API Key has been already generated with Admin Auth, so my actions run all with this permissions and my test has been made with this settings.
Which action did you try to use?
Please give me more details.
Thank you very much.

Unfortunately, I did not check it fully. I thought that our actions fails in Power Automate but it proceeds successfully though the access is not actually provided. I have researched the issue again and thoroughly. It is possible to provide access to the items that were created by other users but you need to grant at least 'Full control' permissions to a parent entity, i.e. to the site or list. In this case, the user will have permissions to all items in the list. The alternative is only granting unique permissions through Power Automate as I mentioned it earlier.

Granting access to the list with your settings: