Sharepoint Permissions Actions : Too many requests

recently I'm encountering the following error in my workflows.

Action : Change_SharePoint_permissions
Error : BadRequest
Message : Unexpected response from the server. The content type of the response is "text/plain; charset=utf-8". The status code is "TooManyRequests".

In these cases even 50/100 workflows has triggered at the same time from a sharepoint list, but in the past I've never been encoutered this problem.

How I can solve this issue?
Thank you.

Stefano, could you share the raw outputs of the failed action for research? Please send it to [email protected] and refer to this topic.

Email sent few minutes ago.
Thank you @Evgeniy .

We had an issue on our back end and resolved it on Friday. For now, it should work as usual. Also, we prepared a fix to avoid such failures in the future.

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All right.
Thank you so much for your support @Evgeniy .