Size of dialog window


is it possible to set the size of a dialog box when it’s open with (like dialogOptions for List/Library Control).

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Dear Philipp,

Yes, in the fourth parameter:, args, callback, options)

A code will be like this:"",{}, function(){}, { width: 500, height: 500 });

The description will be in the docs soon:

Thank you -works perfectly!

I have a second question to this: Dialog boxes are not scrollable on a mobile browser. The content behind scrolls when I scroll with finger. Is this the expected behavior? What could be done?

Dear Philipp,

Could you please provide some screenshots?

Dear Alex,

I will provide you some screenshots.

Meanwhile I have a second questions regarding the dialog box; When I open a list view in the dialog and edit an item in the list (in form panel), the whole dialog will be closed at save or close an item.
Can I handle to only close the form panel? I try this with Dialog.close(false, {}); but with no result.

Thank you!

Dear Philipp,

In this case I would recommend using List/Library control directly into a form and edit items in it with a dialog.

If you have a special case to use a Dialog that way and not through List/Library control, could you please provide some details to better understand your issue?

Dear Alex

The reason why we don’t use a List/Library control is because of the list formatting. Further we use form panel view and its size is limited.

Let me describe the case: We have tasks which we assign to meetings. When I open the meeting in a form panel, I like to open the assigend tasks as a list in a dialog. In this dialog, the user should be able to edit the tasks directly. And this results in close both the task panel as well as the dialog. Do you have a solution/idea regarding this?

Thank you

Dear Philipp,

Understood your issue, please try to insert the following code into a child list form (tasks form):

if (fd.isPanel) {
   window.frameElement.fd_closeDialog = null;
   window.frameElement.commitPopup = null;

Works, thank you. An extension to the code for the normal list view:

if (fd.isPanel && window.frameElement != null) { window.frameElement.fd_closeDialog = null; window.frameElement.commitPopup = null; }