SLA Policies not working

Hi there,

I’ve created several SLA policies based on Ticket meta data that is not working at all.
Nothing seems to happen after the expected first response or escalation time…
I’ve configured the Regional Settings as instructed, and there are triggers with same criteria on ticket creation that correctly fires…
Is there any place that I can check the logs for the SLA policies and if they are being fired or not?
Please assist

Hello, @markwi

Unfortunately, there are no logs for SLA policies. Could you provide screenshots with conditions and opened actions of the SLA policy on them?

Hi there.
Sure, here you go...

SLA Policy first reply:

SLA Policy next reply:

SLA Policy resolution:

Tickets not escalating:

Site collection regional settings:

I apologise for the late answer. The issue is confirmed and a development team is working on it already.

I would like to draw your attention to the value of the "Target" field - it should be an integer. Of course, it doesn't cause the issue but it should be taken into account in future.

Makes no difference. I've set it to 1 and it still doesn't work. Thank you

Have you tried to disable and enable the SLA policy? Sorry for this support chestnut, but I mean it.

Yes, I've tried that multiple times. It makes no difference...

In the support ticket I suggested the following:

Please check if SPTimer service is up and running. If it is, please restart the service. Also, go to SharePoint Central Administration and check whether Plumsail - HelpDesk Check SLA job is enabled.

Have you tried this too?

Timer service was restarted as requested.
All the Plumsail Timer job definitions are enabled and running...

Just to confirm, after the service restart the SLA policies still don't work, right?

If the issue persists, please reproduce it, collect recent SharePoint logs and send them to the ticket #SP11046 that opened on this topic

The logs are usually located in this folder:
C:\Program files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\Web Server Extensions\15\LOGS
or in this folder:
C:\Program files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\Web Server Extensions\16\LOGS

We need logs for the last 2 hours. This will help us to understand the issue better.