SPD workflows not showing up

Can't add workflows to my Triggers. WFs not showing up after deploying to the list.

How can i get those to show up?

Hi, @jaitsujin.

Please check that the workflow is created on the same site, where you’ve installed HelpDesk. You can find the instruction on how to add the flow to a trigger here.

Best regards, Kirill Shaklein.

Workflows are created on the same site. I think there seems to be something wrong in general with my triggers. Since none of them fires. Is there something i need to set up before hand to be able to use triggers?

Forgot to attach this.

Hi, can you please create a workflow for a tickets list:

Choose Tickets in a dropdown.
Publish a workflow, reload a page with triggers and check if it appears in the list of available flows.

Best regards, Kirill Shaklein.

Tried to add it as shown below.

no luck. Still not showing up.

Does it matter the the helpdesk is installed on a subsite?

Hello, @jaitsujin.

Could you please tell what version of SharePoint are you using? Is it SP 2010?

Best regards, Kirill Shaklein.

I’m running SP 2013 OnPrem, but the workflows are 2010. SP Designer won’t let me create 2013 without setting it up on the server.

Our helpdesk doesn’t support 2010 workflows and to create 2013 workflows you’ll need to install SharePoint Designer 2013.

Best regards, Kirill Shaklein.

Got it.

However I’m using SP2013 and SPD 2013. 2013 Workflows are not an option to select from at the moment because it apparently requires some additional setup.


I’ve also create workflows directly within SP 2013. Shouldn’t those be 2013 workflows?


No, I guess it would be 2010 Workflows.

Best regards, Kirill Shaklein

Nope not working. WFs not showing up.