Surplus 0s in stacked bar

Hello, I've created a stacked bar chart, but I can't get rid of the 0s that appear at the top of each section - is there any way to do this?

Hello, Alice!
Sorry for the long wait, but can you please tell us more about the list you are using?
If we can get more information about it, I am sure that we can find a way to display the chart without surplus 0s.

Hi Nikita, Thank you for replying to me.

I’ve got a list that contains the date someone was discharged from a ward and the ward name. I’m trying to display the number of discharges per month but show the different wards people were discharged from by stacking. So, for example, in May 2015 there were 2 discharges - one from Maple and one from Birch. This shows clearly but I just don’t understand why it insists in putting a 0 in between the two coloured areas.

I can recommend using Template to filter out all the 0s. It's just a JS snippet, so it really is very simple:

#= value != 0 ? value : "" #

That’s brilliant - and so simple. Thank you.