The credits limit is exhausted

Hi some of out workflow has failed and give the below error.

The credits limit is exhausted. Please navigate to to buy the license.

I believe we have already purchased the licence

Hello, @Rinu

  1. To check whether you have an active subscription, please provide me with an e-mail address to which it was purchased (or at least with its domain). Send it via private messages to me.

  2. The subscription you use could waste all credits that you have for a current month. You can check it by visiting your Plumsail account and checking a Reports section.

  3. It could be that you use a Plumsail Actions connection with an API key generated in a Plumsail account that differs from the one for which you purchased the subscription. To exclude this possibility, please log in to the account with the subscription, copy an API key you need, go to the list of flow connections and edit the connection you use in your flows, paste the copied key and save the change.


Hi evseychik,

This has been sorted out.

Thanks for your support.

Best Regards

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