Ticket body not saving or loading

Hi! Creating of a ticket works, but when I edit the ticket afterwards, the ticket body wasn’t saved before (it’s empty then). When I try to view the ticket, the ticket body isn’t loading - only the loading wheel comes up.

It’s a fresh install with 4 custom ticket fields (which are working btw).

Any ideas? Thanks!

I had to restore the forms to the original versions and add our custom fields again because somehow the forms got mismatched in the editor (all three versions appeared to be the New form). Seems to work now.

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Hi @hrv,

Thank you for sharing the solution with other members of the community!

Anna Dorokhova
Plumsail Team

Good day,

I am currently experiencing a similar issue, however my ticket is not saving at all. I made the same changes on the New Form in the Forms Designer, and also reset the form after testing and the form not saving. However I am still not able to save a Ticket when logging a ticket internally.

@Anna Could you kindly assist

Hello, @Roxanne

Could you restore the New Form again to make sure that it doesn't help? Please pay attention to the type of the form you are restoring and whether it was successfully saved. When you created a new ticket in HelpDesk, have you noticed changes that testify the form was restored?

When you ensure that restoring doesn't help, please open a browser console (Ctr+Shift+I, a "Console" tab) and reproduce the issue. Then take screenshots of the errors occurred and share it.

Good Day @Evgeniy,

Thank you kindly for the response! I have restored the form as per the instructions on your link and have added my own fields again and it seems to be saving now. Thank you

I am glad that the issue was resolved. =)