Ticket Comments not saving


when we update a ticket with comments, the comments are not saving into the conversation within the ticket.

All other change types are working ie Category, assignment etc… just appears that comments are not being saved.

Any ideas?

Hi @Duncan,

Please open About page of your helpdesk and send me version of your HelpDesk as well as your SharePoint Online domain (yourdomain.sharepoint.com). You can send in in private message if it is confidential.

If you see “Update” button on the About page, please review the latest changes of HelpDesk and try to update it. This may resolve the issue while we are researching the issue with your version.

Note, updating may erase some configuration of HelpDesk, you will see all notes about changes made by update in the description of versions before clicking the “Update” button.

Hi Anton

I have upgraded all our versions to the latest version and all instances appear to be working now.

Previous version was 1.4 (I cant remember the last digit sorry but it was 1.4 something)
Current version is now 1.51

Thank you for your help and speedy response



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I’m glad it’s working now. We will research the issue with the version 1.4.