Ticket generation via mail


is there any way to generate tickets from e-mails without sending them to the auto-generated Plumsail mail address?

Having to forward all support requests from internal and external users to a third party will probably prevent us from using the helpdesk because it would require a data processing agreement etc.


If you mean HelpDesk for SharePoint Online, then, unfortunately, creating tickets and processing new replies require involving the auto-generated e-mail address. The data won't leave your internal infrastructure only in the case of using HelpDesk in SharePoint on-premises environment. You may find useful the article on data protection and security.

There should be a way to solve this with Power Automate for both incoming and outgoing emails, no?

Having all incoming and outgoing email routed through a third party will probably be a show stopper for us as well.

Especially since it's already running within the Office 365 environment and all the data is already there.

Hi @Aohwza,
Unfortunately, there's some work to be done with parsing emails and creating tickets that just can't be performed on the SharePoint online side (or in Power Automate). This is why the mail is forwarded to our server.