Ticket reopens after saving as Solved

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So, the problem I'm having is that, when a user submits a ticket, I'll reply to the ticket and choose "Save as Solved" and, after about a minute or so, the ticket will appear as "In progress" even though the user has not replied to the ticket.

The ticket changing back to "In progress" is fine because that is a trigger that I set up so that, if a user replies to a solved ticket, it will re-open as "In progress" but it shouldn't do this if I reply and save as "Solved":

It's almost as it when I reply to the ticket and save it as "Solved", seconds afterwards it processes my reply and reopens itself.

Also, when the ticket is saved as "Solved" and a reply is added, it doesn't email the user with the reply that I've added; it just says:

"Your request #9471 has been resolved and we hope you are fully satisfied with the resolution. You can reopen it by replying to this message. If a comment was added you will receive it in a separate message."

There isn't a separate email/message sent either, so there must be an issue with one of the triggers but I can't seem to see it.

Here's a list of the current triggers:

If anyone could assist me with this, it would be much appreciated.

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Hello Mike! I am sorry for the delay in replying you. For some reason, I did not receive a notification about this topic.

Re-open Ticket

Please modify the condition so that to exclude cases when the comment author is an assignee.

Or you can re-open the ticket only if the requester replied:

Or implement any other condition that will exclude the case when you add a comment closing the ticket.

Notification issue

Please check the configuration of the trigger 'Notification: Requester - Public comment created'. If you do not see any problems there, please share its configuration with me.

Thanks for your reply - I think that may have done the trick as I've saved as solved with a reply and it hasn't re-opened the ticket, and the user has also received my reply.

I'll see what happens with a few more tickets but hopefully it should be fine.

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HI, can this Trigger be modified to ignore auto response mails from the ticket requester?

Hello Patrick! Unfortunately, it is not possible just to detect the auto-reply. But you can additional conditions to check whether the comment contains some typical phrases: