Trying to retrieve contact information and using it to send an email within MS Power Automate + Regex Match

Hello, I am trying to set up a MS Power Automate Flow where the trigger is when a message is added to an MS teams channel, and I am trying to use to Plumsail's Regex Match to retrieve the information. I then try to use the contact information I retrieve from the message, however it automatically uses 'apply to each' connector. I was under the assumption that this did not matter, but when testing the flow, it shows that although the flow was successful, the specific component never ran.

I understand that this is more of a MS flow question, but I do not find many resources regarding the regex match from plumsail so I am trying my luck here. Hope you guys can help!

Hello, @abolisetti

It's indeed strange. The "Apply to each" block shouldn't affect execution of the action inside. It just repeat sending of a message to each contact the RegEx action found. I would advise you to check its output whether it contains valid e-mail addresses (please share a screenshot with me):

Then try to remove the existing "Apply to each" control and add the Outlook action again from scratch. Make sure that you use valid connection for the action. Perhaps, it will help. Unfortunately, I couldn't reproduce the issue:

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Thanks for the help, I think the apply to each came in because I was trying to group 3 items and it wasn't working successfully because there were newline characters in my text but not in my pattern. I didn't realize plumsail could also show the test results so thank you for showing me how to at least debug it.

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I'm glad that the post was helpful. =)