Unassigned View

Hi All,

We made a change to the unassigned view to try and filter it slightly but it seems to have broken it. We added a category filter but on saving it now shows all Solved tickets as well (if they're unassigned so that bit's working)

I reversed the change but it's still showing solved as well. I created a new view and I can't get it to not show the Solved tickets for some reason.

I've checked it against the test helpdesk we have and it looks the same so I've no idea what we've done

Here's a screenshot of the view filter settings

Can you point me in the right direction please (sorry this seems like a bit of user error!)


Hello Rich! The view configuration seems alright. Please provide the following screenshots for research (you can raise a support ticket at support@plumsail.com and discuss the issue there):

  • of the view configuration, the filtration and view name should be visible;
  • of the tickets shown in this view, the status field should be visible;
  • of the items in the 'Ticket Statuses' list, an 'ID', 'Name', and 'Internal name' columns should be visible.

Also, please load the page in incognito mode, open developer tools (F12), switch to the ‘Network’ tab, press Ctr+R, and reproduce the issue. Then export a HAR file:

Switch to the ‘Console’ tab, open the context menu of any record and save the logs:

Share the collected data.