Update ticket Status based on Due Date

i have a status called "Scheduled", which i use to schedule recurring activities, such as license renewals or periodic backup test. I want to change the status to "In Progress" 10 days before due date.
i don't understand how to do it using power automate, can you please help?

Hello! I would advise the configuration below.

  1. Start the flow every day. You can specify the exact time for running the flow or change the period.

  2. Get all items that meet the condition: due date is less or equal than the date 10 days ahead, and due date is greater than now, and ticket status is equal to 'Scheduled'. The expressions used on the second step:

getFutureTime(10, 'Day', 'yyyy-MM-dd')
formatDateTime(utcNow(), 'yyyy-MM-dd')

  1. Update each retrieved item and change its status to 'In progress'.
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Thanks a lot Evgeniy, this is exactly what i needed!