Use dropdown1 value as key in dropdown2

I have an excel dropdown, populated by PowerAutomate from a SQL table. Every day, flow deletes all rows and repopulates them from SQL. It contains a list of our vendors and some information about them. I use the selected vendor value to populate text fields from 'extra columns' values.

My users also enter an authorized signer name, title, and email for a vendor. They want these fields to autopopulate (but also be editable) if a previous form has been submitted for the same vendor. I created a flow that inserts the vendor and authorized signer data into a different excel.

I've included the second (authorized signer) excel dropdown as a hidden field, but the javascript I've tried for filtering it to populate the text fields with the returned values doesn't work. I can't write the authorized data to the first excel because the flow deletes all rows each day.

How do I use the vendor name selected from the first excel dropdown to select a row from the second excel and autopopulate the three authorized signer fields? Or is there a way to combine both excels and work around the 'flow deletes all rows' action?

Thank you!

Hi @EHaya,

There's a workaround that allows you to iterate through all values of a dropdown. Please refer to this post for an example.

Let me know if this approach works for you.