Use Flow to create list item and then run workflow on that same list item


I am able to use Flow to create a new list item in a SharePoint list. How do I get the ID or GUID of this newly created list item from within Flow so that I may run a list workflow on it right after the item is created?
Thanks for your help.


Hello, @pblbsyl

May I know what task are you going to solve with workflow? Maybe it would be easier to do the same in Flow?

To get the ID of the newly created item, configure triggering of a list level workflow on creating of an item.

And initialise a variable to store the ID. You can get the current item ID in other actions too so it's not necessary exactly initialise the variable, it just for example.


Sorry if I was not very clear.

I am using Microsoft Flow to create the SharePoint list item. See this article with an example:

Next I wanted to run a SP 2013 workflow on that newly created item also using Flow.



Just put a cursor in the field where the ID is required and choose it from dynamic content: