Using Reply To email address in emailed support requests

We are using a form on another website to allow users to send support requests to our on premise HelpDesk. For security reasons we would like to use the Reply To email address from the form instead of the From: email address. Is there a method to change which address is used when a new ticket is created?

Hi @wilbee ,
Can you, please provide some additional info?
What form are you using? Is this a HelpDesk widget? If so, I'm not sure I understand where the "From" email address comes from.
If you're using some custom form, please let me know how the process is set up. If it contains some sensitive info, please PM me or drop a message to [email protected] referring to this topic, we'll be glad to help.

The form is a Mail To form from a web site. It comes from [email protected] to avoid spam problems. When the user fills in the form they are asked to input their email address. This is inserted into the Reply To: field in the email header.

When the email gets to HelpDesk, we would like it to look at the reply to address, not the from address in the email header.

Hello! I sent a request to developers and will inform you about their reply.

Hello! Unfortunately, it is not possible now to implement the processing of the "Reply to" field. As you control sending the form, you could add the "reply to" e-mail to the subject of the message. It will be stored in the "Title" field of the "Tickets" list. Then, you can process the value in the column with a workflow: get the e-mail from the field and use it to set a new requester.

Thank you. We will try it