Using Templates

I am trying to display an aggregation value in my graph in the Label Template and I keep getting an undefined value when I render. I am putting in #=value.DataPoints#

I tried to use #=dataitem.DataPoints# but I get :16:53:46 ERROR - Rendering failed: ReferenceError: ‘dataitem’ is undefined

Can anyone help me with this one. I am new to plumsail sorry if this is an easy answer. Many thanks

The attached configuration works fine. If it does not help, please, export your chart in Dashboard Designer and the source list with sample data (List settings -> Save this list as template) and send both files to [email protected]

Thank you for your response. I tried what you suggested and I am still getting an error. I will forward the info you requested to support.


I replied to you by e-mail.

The attached configuration works for me.

Try capitalized I in dataItem.