Why user credentials are required for some activities?

Hi, I just downloaded trial version of Workflow Activity Pack and it looks like in some activities I need to specify credentials. Why do I need to specify credentials? What kind of credentials should I use?

Doesn’t workflow work as current user?

Hi Ramsey,

You are right for some activities you need to specify your credentials. Currently there are two types of such activities:

Activities working with external services like Exchange
Activities working with SharePoint entities, like list items, security groups, etc.

For the first type it is obvious why we need credentials, we just need it to access external service.

For the second type situation is little bit difficult to explain. It is depended on SharePoint Online security restrictions. We just can’t impersonate our activities to get enough permissions to work with SharePoint, as result you need manually specify credentials.
You need to specify credentials with permission enough for performing operation. For example activity ‘Add user to group‘ needs credentials of user with permissions for management of SharePoint security groups.

You can create one specific account to run workflows and use it in all activities. I would recommend to create variables with credentials in the beginning of workflow and reuse them in all activities.

Just for information, version for SharePoint 2013 will not require manual specifying credentials for SharePoint calls.